A super regional bank wished to significantly grow their card portfolio via prospecting acquisition campaigns. However, they were limited by a predetermined marketing budget that couldn’t match the scale they hoped to achieve.


We partnered with the bank to move their campaign funding models from a traditional outlay to a Pay-for-Performance built model. Since the marketing efforts were now risk based – with FMCG assuming all the risk and upfront costs – the bank was able to run much larger credit card campaigns than they could previously, allowing them to free up their marketing budget for use in other marketing endeavors.

Through Pay-for-Performance (P4P) accounting benefits, including amortization and contra-revenue treatment, the bank was able to increase their campaigns to 5X the size of their previous programs, improve the line of business’ overall efficiency ratio, and achieve their desired cost per target ratio. Additionally, by not using their limited budget for this initiative, they were able to put their funds towards other programs such as card onboarding and utilization campaigns.